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Create a mobile app in less than 10 minutes

There are many options when creating a mobile application, from complete development environments to practically automated online generators. There are also some tools that are not so well known, but ...


How to handle key combinations in your Livecode applications?

In most desktop applications we find that there are certain actions that we can do using a keyboard shortcut, this makes working with those applications faster and more efficient. We no longer have to...


PolyGrid – A new way to display data in Livecode

PolyGrid is a table control for Livecode, it empowers Livecode users to display formatted data with a modern appearance, requiring minimum effort to make more efficient the development process. You ca...


PhotonJSON v1.0.4 Released

With PhotonJSON you can include JSON encoding/decoding functionalities in your Livecode projects, for any desktop or mobile platform, or even for developing rest APIs with Livecode server, we have tes...


Extend LiveCode IDE with Drag & Drop functionality

Allows us to drag and drop resources of various file types into the Livecode IDE, from images to Livecode stacks and even install widgets by dropping lce extension packages into Livecode IDE (Tools pa...


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