About Us


This is the part where we will talk about ourselves and what we do.
But we will not try to convince you that we are what you need.

That's who we are, ordinary people who do what they love

We are one of those people who after hours trying to solve a problem decides to take a break. When you look around and realize that the sun is already rising and has not touched your bed. But as soon as he rests his head on the pillow, his subconscious keeps trying to solve the problem and find possible solutions. He gets up because it seems to him that five minutes of rest is enough to continue. Sometimes the solution comes after a bad night or several. But the truth is that you learn a lot in this process. This also happens to us when we have a project that generates great enthusiasm, we want to work on it all the time.

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Everything can't be work

Therefore, we are not always working, even if our GitHub tries to show otherwise. We like to spend time with family and friends. Study a topic that we like and share what we have learned with others. That is the fundamental reason why this space exists. It is our way of helping people who are passionate about what they do or who simply work on what we love. So behind every share here are our hours of development, hard work, and knowledge gained throughout our adventure. You may not find the solution to your problem here, but who knows if you can find your way to the solution.

We are a very small team, of great friends

We have been together for a long time, enough to feel and treat each other as a family of different blood. With many differences and many points in common. Some of those commonalities are an interest in teaching, software development, and a good cup of hot coffee.

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Broadly speaking, this is who we are. If you wish you can join us, read us or contact us.

FerrusLogic is it!