PolyGrid – A new way to display data in Livecode

What is PolyGrid?

PolyGrid is a table control for Livecode, which empowers users to display formatted data with a modern appearance. This improves the efficiency of their development process by requiring less effort than needed  with existing alternatives to make it look good.

Note: PolyGrid will be public after LC10 release to ensure compatibility.


In the past few months, our team has worked on multiple projects in which we needed to organize and present data in table form. This is because many of our clients have been requesting to see information in a format that is easy to read and understand.  Livecode has a control called Datagrid, the Datagrid control is composed of a series of other controls. The problem with this is that when you have a large number of rows and columns, performance can become an issue, even in simple cases, it is necessary to spend considerable time setting up the table with the desired behavior, so, we set ourselves the task of creating a table control in Livecode Builder (LCB) that we could use for our purposes, optimizing time and performance, the result was PolyGrid, a Widget that initially allowed us to work with data tables in a very simple way and with an appreciable performance on mobile and desktop platforms as well.

After its implementation in some projects it evolved into a Complete control for data visualization with features specifically designed and developed for reducing the development time of projects, a modern and fully customizable graphic appearance, maintaining a  similar or superior performance to the existing options until now.

How to display data with PolyGrid control?

To display data with this table control we have two properties available:

  1.  text (or pgText) – The content of this property must be text equivalent to a table, where each line is a row and each tab delimits the columns.
  2. pgData – This property must have the same format used in the Datagrid control (pArray  [RowNumber] [ColumnName] [Content ]), the array elements within each [ColumnName] will be assigned to the column with the corresponding name in the PolyGrid control.

PolyGrid features

  1. Independent data type content for each column
  2. Support for 8 types of data:
    1.  Text
    2.  Multi-line text
    3.  Self-incremental
    4. Number
    5. Color
    6. Icon (svg)
    7. Boolean
    8. Image
  3. Integrated scrolling handling for desktop and mobile platforms (without using the native scroll)
  4. Highly customizable.
  5. Support to use a variety of ways included as a popup (useful to build custom menus)
  6. Extensive integration with mouse events
  7. Column resizing capabilities
  8. Move columns
  9. Cell editing


Can I customize the appearance of the PolyGrid widget?

Yes, the appearance of the PolyGrid control is completely customizable through Livecode’s property editor or using a dedicated plugin for that purpose.




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